Welcome to Cutter Welder Maestro. My name is Rob Simpson and I’m known as the Cutter Welder Maestro. My experience with cutting & welding equipment dates back to 1983 when I was barely a teenager. Since then, I’ve been what people would call an enthusiast when it comes to the entire process of cutting & welding. Throughout the years, I’ve tested thousands of different types of cutting & welding equipment, be it plasma cutters, TIG welders, MIG welders, and whatnot.

Since the last few months, I’ve started writing reviews of various cutting and welding accessories, mainly for my offline friends. One of them came up with the idea that I should be publishing those reviews on the internet to be read by a much larger number of people. So, this is how CutterWelderMaestro.com was born. You can check out a few buying guides I’ve published recently about cutting & welding equipment:

Cutting and welding are both a specific type of art that needs the right tools for you to acquire mastery. This is why it’s so important that you start with the right set of tools according to your purpose. Once you’re decided on the type of cutter or welder, hopefully, my reviews will be useful to you in finding out if a specific product is suitable for your purposes.

In addition to publishing buying guides and individual product reviews on cutters and welders, I also publish general tips and tricks about the art of welding, along with day-to-day care tips for your welding and cutting equipment. Because, you need to maintain these expensive tools properly to extract the maximum life out of them. If you maintain your favorite welder or cutter in the right way throughout its working life, it should be able to serve you for several years while maintaining an optimal efficiency.

Being passionate about woodworking, I also publish various guides and reviews of popular woodworking tools such as saws, drills, sanders, joiners, etc. You can check out the recently published ones below:

Apart from that, I publish various articles and buying guides about different types of testing tools that we extensively use while doing all of these. I’m listing the tool guides below:

Now that you have a basic idea about me and this site, I hope you find CutterWelderMaestro useful and keep coming back here from time to time. Oh, and if you have any questions or suggestions or anything else that you’d like me to know, feel free to get in touch with me.

Rob Simpson