Rob Simpson is my name and cutting & welding is my game.

I’m a self-taught professional welder as well as a passionate woodworker. Learning things on my own is in my blood, which is why despite facing some initial struggles, I was easily able to create this very website. It’s dedicated towards my fellow welders & woodworkers.

If you’ve already gone through the homepage, you’d know that I’ve been involved in these fields since a very long time and many would think it’s time for me to retire!

What they don’t get is that, my work has always been my passion. So, even though I’m not that much physically capable to handle heavy equipment myself, I still supervise the work of my small team. Side by side, I started this blog to share my experiences and various guides about welding and woodworking.

I hope you’re enjoying your stay at CutterWelderMaestro.

Rob Simpson