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A band saw is a specialty cutting tool primarily designed for making crosscuts on short lumbers and cabriolet legs, it even helps tackling thick lumber pieces which are otherwise hectic to deal with. Band saws, much like scroll saws, deliver irregular, curvaceous shapes without putting extra effort, folks who are new into this area can achieve professional-level precision by using this device. The best band saws are capable of housing different blades. This versatile tool comes in different sizes and mechanisms to help the woodcutters get desirable results in a short time. This comprehensive guide intends to make your shopping for the perfect equipment a lot easier. Let’s kick start the journey by understanding the concept of band saw.

Best Band Saw - Our Top Picks

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The Top Band Saw Reviews

JET JWBS-100S 10-Inch Band Saw with Stand

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When you’re struggling with space issues but can’t afford to compromise with the quality of performance, this 10-Inches premium class band saw from the leading brand JET is at your rescue.

The stellar features such as quick-release blade tension, huge cast-iron tilting table, upper and lower ball bearing blade guide and a bight LED work light of this ultra-compact portable model is a sound solution for residential garages and small workshops. The amateurs are going to have a good time learning the work without having to deal with excessive bulk. Don’t get mistaken due to the negotiable size, JWBS can handle the toughest woodcutting jobs with as much accuracy as any other hefty branded model.

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5 Band Saw Kit

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This cool and portable band saw kit has all that it takes to cut large thick stock of metal, wood and various stationary materials. DWM120K 10 Amp 5 Band Saw Kit is an expert of creating neat 5” round and 5” x 5” rectangular cuts on metals without requiring you to put any extra effort.

The 10 amp strong motor offers adjustable speeds and supports all kinds of cutting works for commercial purpose. The integrated LED lights increase the optical clarity while molding intricate designs. Just make sure you have a couple of co-workers present at the worksite to help to adjust the guide as the weight is a bit on the heavier side for a single person.

SKIL 3386-01, 2.5-AMP 9 Band Saw

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The dependable band saws from SKIL guys have been a hot favourite of seasoned professionals since ages. This powerful band saw featuring a 2.5 amp motor offers exceptional versatility and consistency. The inclusion of a flexible lamp was a smart decision by the makers. It also houses a tilt-adjustable ribbed aluminum table to favor you holding the stock and position it alongside the blade at a perfect angle for the right balance.

The RIP fence housed with adjustable pinion and rack ensures you get a comfortable working height to make straight cuts. Plus there’s an integrated LED light as well for enhanced visibility. In short, all the essential qualities of a reliable band saw are present in SKIL 3386-01.

Rikon 10-325 14-Inches Deluxe Band Saw

Editor Rating:

It features a strong rip fence and a considerably large work table to aid in all types of saw and re-saw tasks. The evenly balanced 14” saw can split the hardest wood pieces in no time. The most sought after salient feature of this product is the zero need for installing riser blocks for re-sawing which saves both time and effort. 

Rikon’s top-notch, durable and heavy-duty wheels are one of the best in class and engineer perfect stability. The ultra-powerful 1.5 horsepower motor comes with 2 variable speeds.

What is a Band Saw?

Band saws are mainly used for producing precise curvaceous woodcuts by applying a unique mechanism. Splitting log is easy but carving out odd shapes or resawing lumbers manually is a fussy chore, so why not making the best of technology? A high end band saw is enabled to perform a variety of woodcutting tasks, boosting the general productivity of the industry. It can be utilized for ripping mall pieces of lumber, resawing thick wood pieces to get thinner slabs, severe tenons and even small rabbets. Band saws are available in three basic types, each type has a fair share of advantages. To evaluate the practical application of each, you have to get a basic idea of their mechanism. In this guide, you’ll learn about different types of band saws, their uses, and tips on picking the best band saw for your needs.

Band Saw Types

Floor Standing Cabinet Band Saw

These kinds of band saws are filled with distinctive features for extensive professional use at workshops and factories. It has a large wheel-based construction measuring between 17-24 inches in diameter. They tend to sport a big large motor installed inside a heavy-duty, durable frame for precise and consistent cutting.

Professional woodcutters use this device generally for large stockpile. The greatest advantage on its part is its ability to rip saw thick slabs and moulding intricate shapes with the use of right technique.

Bench Top Band Saw

Bench-top band saws are preferred for their portability. It can be easily placed over a table due to the light weight and small wheel diameter. Bench-top band saws are easy to identify from the design of the motor which is not fixed to the belt but to the machine itself.

Novice woodcutter guys can use this kind of band saws for creating neat carves on woods and a number of stationary materials as well with the help of its light scrolling cutter. Another plus point is the low price. In search of an economical band saw for smooth cuts? Here’s the one to eye for.

Stand Mounted Band Saw

Stand mounted band saws have a distinct cast-iron frame and feature a 14 inch diameter wheel size. The motor is strategically located below the saw and it is connected to the main equipment by the belt.

The best application of stand mounted machines is made in small workshops. Its enclosed, lightweight design makes it an easy fit in limited spaces. Moreover, the prices are highly reasonable in comparison to the functionality.

Best Band Saw – Buying Tips

The Design Components

The basic structure of a band saw is the biggest deciding factor while you’re hunting for a reliable machine. The out-of-the-box mechanism of band saws comes from its not-so-regular aesthetics. The frame should be made from a solid material to properly support the components and make consistent cuts. Cast-iron is the most commonly used material for sculpting band saw frames. Similar to chainsaws, the quality and housing of the motor also plays a pivotal role in determining the standard of a product. Generally 1/3 ad ½ horsepower motors are considered ideal for band saws. Next shift your focus to the wheels. If you wish to go for a lightweight model, cast-iron wheels would be a decent choice. However, for industrial purposes, I would recommend heavier wheels because it provides a massive inertia and a steady speed. Floor-standing cabinet style band saws are best suitable for commercial woodcutting jobs. For limited spaces like home garage, workshops, a compact bench-top model would do fine.


There no specific definition as to what an ideal size of a band saw is. It can be as compact as a circular saw, or as long as a pole saw. It totally depends upon the stick size and the cutting technique. Like you’ve already read in the band saw reviews above, the distance between the machine’s Throat and the inside edge of the blade heavily controls the quality and finesse of the final product. For instance, a “12 inches” measure for a band saw indicates that the device can handle a 14 inch stock between the inner edge and throat. Do read the measure printed over the product’s package, if it ranges anything between 10-24 inches, you are good to go with it. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the cutting depth which is a technical term for the distance between the blade guard and the table. The larger the cutting depth, the better in this regard.

Other Essential Factors

Band saws come with fences to help the person help with resawing stock. In an effort to reduce the vibration during the action, you have to get a well-built, strong, non-shaky cabinet to minimize the disturbance. If you’re planning to buy a bench-top equipment, check out the screw and bolt fittings thoroughly. Look for additional elements like blade guide in the products. This is why it’s important to read band saw reviews thoroughly before making a purchase. A blade guide proves to be extremely useful (if adjusted properly) in improving the performance of the band saw.

User’s Safety

The thumb rule of using a band saw is to keep as much distance between the cutting line and your hands and arms as possible. Band saw blades can be pretty fast, a little shift of attention can cause a serious injury. Although band saws are quite safer than most woodcutting equipments, you’ll still need to fully safeguard yourself with protective gloves, safety eye gears as a part of necessary safety precaution, and sometimes even a helmet, even when you’re handling the best band saw of the lot. The next step is to acquire adequate skills and this demands a lot of practice. Begin training yourself by cutting softwood scraps before heading to hardwood. The more you’ll be at home in demarcating the cutting line, the steadier pace you’ll be able to keep up while moving the specimen against the blade.


To ensure you get the best band saw for the money you pay, extensive research on various products is imperative. It goes without saying that producing finely curved wood requires a certain level of expertise, even if you have a versatile device like this at your disposal. Therefore, make sure you practice sufficiently before getting started with this job, another important aspect of using band saw is safety. Be very careful about the distance between your hand and the cutting line while performing a task to avoid worst case scenarios. With that it’s a wrap for this article on band saw reviews and everything related to it.

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