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Miter saws are no ordinary carpentry equipment. The best miter saw is used for achieving commercial-grade cuts that could promote your credential as a professional woodcutter. The blade of the device is purposefully designed to permit you to fine-tune the cutting process in order to accomplish pitch-perfect outcome. Seasoned workers can judge a machine just by reading the product specs since they have been dealing with several equipments for years.

But what about a novice who is serious about learning the work but doesn’t want to spend too much on a miter saw? What do those digits on the product detail section mean? What are must-haves in a miter saw? Is it worth the price? You’ll find to-the-point answers to all your queries regarding miter saws in this article.

Best Miter Saw - Our Top Picks

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Our Top Miter Saw Reviews

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Editor Rating:

Among the medium-strength miter saws for home use, this one certainly falls under the “best miter saws for non-professionals” category. The 15 amp power is more than sufficient to take care of any kind of renovation, framing, roofing and repair jobs. Weighing only about 42 pounds, one doesn’t feel fatigued even after using it for an extended period. 

At an estimated speed of 4000 RPM, you can get through almost any cutting tasks within a real quick time.

The stability is astoundingly superior, enabling you to experiment with a variety of techniques. Made with a quality of DEWALT, the product is sturdily framed to stand the test of time. The handle design provides ultimate grip comfort. If you’re inclined towards a economical product packed with all the basic features, DW715 won’t disappoint.

Makita LS0815F 8-1/2″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Editor Rating:

For professionals, damn serious about their job, world-class saw-makers Makita (who also make great band saws) brings you their ever-popular LS0815F series. The 10 amp sliding miter saw is perfect for a wide range of moulding, framing, roofing and trimming jobs.

​It sports a compact, lightweight design that is easy to drag from one location to another with minimal effort. The product package comes with a vertical vise, a triangular ruler, a 8-1/2″ C.T blade, a dust port coupled with two extension wings.

The 10 amp motor employs an enthralling strength on the cutting action fused with a thundering speed of 6000 RPM. Moreover, there’s a dedicated electronic speed control to maintain the right speed during the course of work. LS0815F is a complete package for those looking for taking their business to new heights without investing too much.

Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Editor Rating:

People looking particularly for inexpensive yet high performance single bevel miter saws should consider this highly versatile product from one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hitachi’s 10-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw offers a bevel range between 0-45 which will cover you through almost any cutting project with ease.

Despite of the obvious limitation, the single bevel allows enough flexibility to accomplish entry-level carpentry jobs. The carbon brush fitted inside the chassis is easily replaceable. The neatly designed handle minimizes vibration during use.

Types of Miter Saws

Before getting into the main discussion, I would like to introduce you to the type of cuts you can achieve using a miter saw. This is important because you may ask why so much humdrum about miter saws when there are good old axes doing completely fine. And more importantly, in order to decide which variety of miter saw will suit you the best, you need to know why you need it for in the first place.

Regular axes can’t run smoothly across the width of the lumber, whereas a miter saw reserves an expertise over making cuts angled across the width of the metal or wood piece. Naming this style of cutting “miter cut” is a fine example of synecdoche. Another angled cut miter saws can deliver is called beveled cut, the only difference is that the latter runs through the thickness of the material. Compound cut involves a bit of both styles aforementioned. In this case, the cut is angled across both the thickness and width of the material; you’re dealing with.

Regular Miter Saws

A standard miter saw so is a very basic saw employing a blade with a fixed pivot. The fixed vertical position of the blade and absence of a bevel come with its own share of limitations. However, there are a number of features in favour of it as well. For one, it’s lightweight and therefore extremely easy to operate. If your project involves a lot of crosscuts and miter cuts, you can achieve high level of accuracy every single time.

Standard Compound Miter Saws

A compound type is equipped with both single and dual bevel options to aid operations on wider pieces. This is the best tool for acquiring quality bevel cuts on a heavy-duty stock. Although the machine can be a bit tough to operate for the first timers, you will eventually get used to it after a while.

Dual Compound Miter Saws

It’s nothing but a more efficient variation of a sliding compound miter saw with a dash of novelty. The motor and the blade can be moved to right and left allowing you the freedom of demarcating different cutting angles for intricate projects. Dual compound miter saws are also gaining more and more demand in the market due to their higher efficiency. If you browse best-sellers’ lists of miter saws, you’ll definitely spot a handful of dual compound miter saws in those lists.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

This variation of miter saws shares a lot of structural similarities with standard miter saws. Being a notch above general compound saws, it combines all the necessary features of it accompanied by an additional arms residing on the machine’s head slides horizontally and provides a great stability while tackling wide materials. The combination of double bevel and sliding arms makes it a choicest option for hardcore professionals who shouldn’t have any qualms over the steep price tag.

Cordless Miter Saws

Cordless meter saws are perfect for folks craving for the freedom of movement. The cordless factor loads the device with portability, hence, you can use it anywhere, be it your job site or workshop without worrying about the availability and proximity of a power socket. This is the reason why people who desperately need portability have nothing else to pick than the best cordless miter saw.

What to Look for in a Miter Saw


Single or double bevel? It’s a never-ending debate among critics. People who are completely inexperienced in this industry often find themselves sandwiched between the two parties. Let me help you get through the dilemma. Blades with single bevel can be tilted to one side only which is somewhat a restriction if you’re into versatile cutting projects, nevertheless, it would do simple cutting jobs just fine. On the other hand, double bevel action allows right and left blade movement, making it easier for you to gain optimal result without flipping the material repeatedly.

Positive or Electric Stops

Positive stops in a woodcutter’s term for bevel adjustment. This feature is often overlooked by many but let me tell you, it is one of the key deciding factors of the product’s effectiveness. The more variations it offers, the faster you get to adjust the angle of bevel. Subsequently, you get to tweak the incremental level and find yourself finishing your task much quicker with enhanced accuracy.

Choosing the Correct Cutting Capacity

There will be enough attractions to lure you but your job is to get a reality check every time a high end product with a bundle of features and massive cutting force. In order to figure out the capacity of a particular unit, things you need to consider include the sliding mechanism and blade diameter. Most blades measure around 10”-12”. If your requirement is confined within small-scale home project, a 10” blade will serve well enough. For professionals, having to deal with labour-intensive jobs such as roofing, building frames and pillars, going for a 12” blade will increase productivity.

Hassle free Blade Change

When your job demands you to change the blade frequently, it’s imperative to ensure the product you buy allows easy blade removal and replacement. All the top miter saws in the business have this one feature common in them. Quick blade change system, apart from saving a lot of time, lets you gain expertise over varied materials as well.

Cordless or Not?

In the section where I discussed about different miter saw types, I mentioned about cordless miter saws which add an extra advantage of portability. Furthermore, you’re relived of the hassle of working at a particular location situated nearby the power outlet. Note that miter saws have an insanely high power consumption. Even if the batteries are fully charged, you can’t negate the chances of running out of energy at times. Although you can always have some extra batteries in your stock for emergency situations but that would mean extra maintenance cost. Therefore, cordless feature is beneficial only as an add-on feature.

Laser Guide

The newbies can find it painfully difficult to line-up the blade flawlessly along the cut-line.an added laser guidance rises to such emergency occasions. There are several types of laser guides, thoroughly learning about their functions will help you to pick the best from the lot. While standard laser guides will pinpoint the exact place where the saw comes in contact with the surface, a dual laser system marks the exact point of contact along with the width of the cut.


The power of the motor in ordinary miter saws stays around 10 amps while the high-quality miter saws allow as much as 15 amps. The drift is akin to that of choosing the most suitable saw design. You primary focus should be on the type and intensity of your projects. Professionals who have to actuate intricate, commercial-grade woodworking projects frequently should opt of the highest level of motor power for extra productivity.


The best-in-class miter saws ruling the industry like boss earned this reputation on the basis of their relentless strive to bring innovations and improve the existing features. In a product squarely targeted at the top layer of the professionals, the quality of the handle is expected to be something extraordinary. Even if one is a mere hobbyist, testing he handle grip is still important. A reliable handle will absorb maximum vibration, exert great force and won’t feel tiring even after extensive usage.

Electric Brake

If you’re just an amateur keen in learning the art of woodcutting, this feature is particularly for guys like you. Working with a meter saw undoubtedly poses a certain amount of risk. You can land yourself in a nightmare scenario if you’re not used to the technicalities of the device sufficiently. The presence of an electric brake eliminates the chances of potential accidents to a great extent and also makes the gear easier to handle.

Dust Bag

The dust bag or dust collector helps you sprucing up your works site after a long, tiring day of work. The dust port allows you to hook a dust bag onto the saw for blocking the entrance of dust particles or debris inside the saw. The process makes it possible to reject around 75% of the dust generated during a cutting process.

Tips on Maintaining a Miter Saw

The rule of thumb while using a powerful tool like miter saw is to brace yourself up with adequate safety precautions. Double check everything, from amp setting to blade, before getting started. Despite of including a dust port, some of the dust will inevitably get deposit inside the unit. A weekly or bi-weekly cleaning will help you increase the shelf-life of the product. The instruction manual provided by the manufacturer needs to be studied carefully to acquire useful tips and tricks on how to operate and maintain the machine. In case you notice any malfunction or unusual traits like overheating, abnormal vibration or loud noise, immediately call an expert technician to detect and resolve the issue.

A Summary of the Article

In the introduction part of the round-up, I raked up a few questions commonly asked by the potential buyers. My aim was to satiate your thirst for knowledge which I tried to do my level best. If you’re a patient reader who have read the article above carefully, you should almost feel like an expert on miter saws by now. Nevertheless, I would never claim myself to be a know-it-all person. You can always cross-check the facts with the help of other websites and sources. At the end of the day, choosing the best miter saw among several “Bests” requires your own effort. With that note, it’s a wrap for this highly engaging discussion on miter saws - an advanced axe for the advanced generation.

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Farzana - March 19, 2019

Thanks a lot for your informative article! Each of these miter saws is unique in their way, packing features that are suitable for certain jobs. If someone is looking for convenience in a sliding compound miter saw, the dual bevel is the best miter saw to go with. Miter saw blades can be used to cut plywood, wood, acrylic, lumber, and mild steel. The more teeth a blade has, the finer the cuts it delivers.


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