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Spring is the most popular season for buying a pole saw, as people finally have more time to spend in the garden. As any hobbyist knows, this time of the year is the busiest for gardeners as there are lots of things to accomplish in the garden, like pruning of trees and shrubs.

Pruning is one task that can be arduous and time consuming. You’ll have to be a really skilled gardener to be able to cut branches, or remove overgrown stems to increase fruitfulness and growth of trees. But you can make the job a bit easier if you have the right tools, like a pole saw. A pole saw is a powerful and lightweight tool for pruning wood. It is designed to make it easier for an individual to trim out-of-reach branches without compromising his safety. In simple terms, it is a mini-chainsaw on a stick.

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Top Handpicked Pole Saw Reviews

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

Editor Rating:

This electric chainsaw and pole saw combo boasts of a potent 8 Amp motor. It can help you in reaching branches that are up to 15 feet high through its adjustable telescoping pole. You can effortlessly shift the unit from a chainsaw to a pole saw through its quick-change function. There’s an easy-to-flip clamp that locks in quickly to secure the desired pole length.

Cutting through tree limbs that are as thick as nine inches in diameter should not be a problem with this pole saw. Its 8 Amp motor can generate 1.5 horsepower, completing the oversized 10 inch bar.

Maintenance should also not be a problem at all as this pole saw has no spark plugs to clean. It’s a maintenance-free unit that should appeal to busy gardeners. The build quality is also impressive, with a combination of fiber glass and aluminum.

The only thing you’re sacrificing with this pole saw is maneuverability because it is a bit heavy compared to many other models. Another disappointment is the plastic handle which could break if not handled with care.

Black+Decker LPP 120 Cordless Pole Saw

Editor Rating:

This is perhaps the best pole saw from Black+Decker. You’ll be surprised at the amazing set of features of this Black+Decker unit. In terms of power, the pole saw is potent enough to cut through branches that are up to six inches in diameter thanks to its eight inch cutting bar and 20 volt MAX Lithium Ion battery.

Despite having so much power compared to other cordless pole saws, the LPP120 is very light. In fact it only weighs 6.3 pounds. It’s a far cry from other cordless saws which are around 7 to 9 pounds in weight. With its potent power, the LPP120 can be a very good alternative to gardeners who have troubles handling electric or gas pole saws that usually weigh more than 12 pounds.

The pole saw is not only easy to handle. It’s also a silent operator, emitting low noise and vibration. Its low weight also means that the unit is very easy to maneuver.

The LPP 120 has its weaknesses, too. The lack of an automatic coiler, or a reservoir for pumping out oil into the chain, is quite a disappointment. While it can extend to 14 feet overhead, you’ll feel that the unit is too unsteady when you extend it that far.

You may also need a couple of batteries if you are to cut many branches because the battery can run out of power after a couple of hours. Additionally, you need to allot eight hours to fully charge the battery.

Despite those weaknesses, it cannot be denied that the Black+Decker LPP 120 is one of the best cordless pole saw models today. For its price, you will have a hard time finding another model that can match up with its features.

Earthwise CVPS41008 2-in-1 Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

Editor Rating:

As mentioned earlier, Earthwise is a brand that is known for its good quality but affordable pole saws. This model, an electric chainsaw and pole saw combo, is a good example.This is a tool that provides great value because it’s a 2-in-1 saw. Its 6.5 amp motor and 8-inch bar and chain can give you enough power to cut through branches.

It’s the perfect piece of equipment for trimming tree branches, with enough power to cut through branches that have a diameter of 8 inches. With three cutting angles, you can cut high sections of a tree from different positions. It’s definitely a versatile tool that you would want to be at your disposal.

You’ll also appreciate how lightweight and nimble this saw is.

Converting the chain saw to pole saw should not take you more than 10 seconds. Simply snap the handle off the chain saw then put it onto the pole. Snap the body of the chain saw into the other end of the pole. Then you’re all set and ready to go.

There are some things you have to watch out for, however. The lack of an instructions guide may frustrate you, but you should be able to put this thing together in less than an hour. You’ll also have to lubricate the bar and chain more often. But those are relatively forgivable setbacks, so to speak. For the price, you will have a hard time finding another saw model that is as versatile and easy to use than this one from Earthwise.

Husqvarna 327PT5S Pole Saw

Editor Rating:

Husqvarna’s 327PT56 pole saw model is powered by a two stroke, 24cc gasoline engine. It can generate up to 1.2 horsepower, enough to cut through large limbs and branches that are up to six inches wide. You can also credit its 12 inch bar and chain for that. This saw has a two-stroke design that allows it to get to a higher RPM setting, resulting to faster chain speed and improved cutting ability.

The saw also features a long telescoping pole that would let you reach branches that are around 13 to 15 feet high.

Husqvarna is also offering to extend the warranty of this product to four years from 2 years for buyers who purchase this pole saw with 3 cans of its pre-mix fuel. To qualify for the offer, you need to register your product online. It’s certainly a great bonus because the warranty will spare you from headaches and worries in the next four years.

Another reason why you’ll love this tool is that it comes with a safety harness. The pole saw is relatively heavy at 31 pounds, so the safety harness is an excellent feature that can reduce the stress on your arms. But when the saw is telescoped, the harness is pretty much useless as you’d have to carry the full weight of the unit.

The only thing that you may balk at is the price. It is definitely one of the more expensive units that you can find today. Although the price is quite high, you can be assured of the performance, durability, and toughness of this saw.

Earthwise CPS40108 Cordless Pole Saw 

Editor Rating:

If you’re looking for a pole saw for smaller jobs, then this one from Earthwise should be at the top of your list.This saw has an eight-inch bar that can cut tree limbs that are up to six inches wide. It can extend up to 9 feet in length, which should be enough for most pruning jobs. 

It’s also relatively light at 8.4 pounds. The weight is concentrated in the battery and not on the end, so the balance of this tool is very good. You also won’t have to worry about the maintenance because upkeep of the unit is simple and straightforward. Simply ensure that the oil reservoir is always full. Periodically check the chain, too, for signs of wear and tear.

So what are the things that are disappointing in this piece of equipment? One is the use of NiCad battery instead of Lithium Ion. Expectedly, the runtime of this saw is pretty disappointing at under 30 minutes compared to the one hour or so of its Lithium Ion-powered competitors. Another downer is the instruction manual which can be a bit confusing especially for novice users.

Husqvarna 128LDX Pole Saw

Editor Rating:

The Husqvarna 128LDX is a cheaper alternative to the 327PT5S Pole Saw. It is powered by a 28cc engine with 1.1 horsepower, just a shade under the 1.2 hp of its pricier cousin. Its 10-inch bar length can help in cutting through large branches that are 8 inches wide. Speed of cutting is a lot better compared to electric units.

Aside from the budget-friendly price tag, there are other things that you will love about this Husqvarna unit. One is that getting started will be a breeze given its well-written instruction guide. Simply mix fuel with the 2-cycle engine oil, then prime the bulb and let the unit warm up a couple of minutes after starting it.

There’s also an automatic oiler that can keep the chain and bar lubricated. Just make sure that the reservoir is always filled.

Its relatively light weight of 13.9 pounds makes the 128LDX lighter than the average gas pole saws. When full extended, it can reach up to 9 feet. Sure, it is not as long as the 327PT5S pole saw but its length at least helps in lowering the total weight of the tool. And the LDX is still serviceable when it comes to cutting most branches.

This unit comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.


Pole saws can be categorized into four kinds—cordless, electric, gas powered, and manual.

A cordless pole saw is powered by a rechargeable battery. Because it is rechargeable, you can use the cordless pole saw almost anywhere. You don’t have to be restricted to a certain spot unlike an electric pole saw. But one thing you’re sacrificing is the power, as a cordless type is also the least powerful pole saw in the market.

The charge of a cordless pole saw usually lasts for an hour. When buying a cordless pole saw, you should look for a unit that has a lithium-ion battery and not one with a Ni-Cad battery. The former is better when it comes to performance, aside from having a longer battery life.

As the name suggests, an electric pole saw is one that you plug into an extension cord. While you will be restricted by the length of the extension cord with an electric pole saw, you will benefit from the lightweight design of the electric type because it doesn’t have a battery.

The third type is the gas-powered pole saw. When it comes to performance and power, the gas powered pole saw is the best.

With a gas powered pole saw, you can even trim tall trees while you are safely on the ground. Although gas powered ones are heavier than their electric counterparts, these saws are surprisingly well balanced and easy to operate.

But like the two other types of pole saws, the gas powered unit has its drawbacks. One is that it creates more noise than cordless and electric pole saws.

The last type is the manual pole saw. This is the pole saw in its most basic form. It typically consists of a long handle, with a curved blade attached to the end.

This is usually the most affordable type of pole saw. It is also lightest because there’s no motor or battery. It is also quiet when in operation. Moreover, it won’t require any maintenance.

The downside, however, is that using a manual pole saw can be tiring because it requires manual effort on the part of the user. Manual pole saws are no longer as popular as the three previously mentioned types because of the time and effort needed in completing large projects.

Still, you might want to settle for a manual pole saw for minor and infrequent trimming projects around the house.

Why Should You Buy One?

You’d think that a pole saw is something you can do without in the garden. But think again. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a pole saw:

  • Safety: Arguably the top reason why you should buy a pole saw is that it is safer to use it than attempt to cut a branch that you can’t reach from the ground. With a pole saw in hand, you can safely stand on the ground even as you cut or prune out-of-reach branches. There’s no need to risk your life and limb by attempting to climb trees, or using a ladder for a cutting task.
  • Convenience: Most of the pole saw today have ergonomically designed handles. These tools also have anti-vibration qualities so you can easily handle them even while working on tough cutting jobs.When you have a pole saw, you don’t have to utilize a ladder to be within a striking distance of a branch. There’s also no need to bring in a chainsaw while on the ladder.
  • Cost: Aside from pole saws being convenient to use, another thing that will probably make you buy one is the relatively affordable cost of a unit. This may surprise you given that this tool may strike you as something unique and powerful. But despite its cutting power and lightweight design, a good quality pole saw wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Now if you’ve had experience having professionals cut your trees before, you can imagine how much you can save if you were to have your own pole saw. This is particularly true if your property has a yard full of trees.

What to Look For

Extension and Reach

You need to know the distance from the ground to the branch or tree that you intend to cut or prune. This will give you an idea on how long the pole is and how far it should extend. Majority of the pole saw models today have a range between 8 and 12 feet.

Be forewarned, though, that some companies employ confusing marketing strategies to make it appear that they have long pole saws. This includes incorporating the user’s height in the reach equation. Hence, you should look at the maximum extension of the pole.​

Bar Length

The bar is the part where the chain travels around. A longer bar can help you in cutting through thick tree limbs. Simply put, the longer the length of the bar, the better it is in cutting thick branches and limbs.

Power and Weight

If you’ve never used a pole saw before, you’d want to purchase a lightweight unit because one, it is safer to use. Second, it is also easier to maneuver.

However, you should also take into consideration the power of the unit. Make sure that the tool you are getting will be powerful enough for the job at hand.


While you want to have a lightweight and powerful pole saw, you’d also have to look into the warranty extended by the maker. Consider that the cost of repairing a broken unit is also the same as purchasing a brand new saw, it’s wise to purchase a model with a long warranty. For some buyers, warranty can be the deal breaker.


As in any other purchase you’ll be making, the price of the unit can dictate whether or not you’re passing up on a pole saw. Manual pole saws can be had for low prices while Gas powered and electric units often sell for more than twice the price.

Extra Features

Additional features of pole saws such as telescoping poles that lets you reach higher spots on a tree, self-lubricating chains, and anti-vibration systems can make pruning and trimming of hard-to-reach places a lot easier.

Best Pole Saw Brands

When shopping for a pole saw, you may be tempted to buy a unit from a well-known brand. You can’t blame yourself because there are really good brands that you can trust for having quality products.

One brand that you may encounter is Black+Decker. A Fortune 500 manufacturer of industrial tools, it is among the top 20 trusted brands in the United States according to a report of When it comes to pole saws, Black & Decker is reputed to be the best in making cordless varieties. Moreover, their units come in good looking cases. The price is pretty reasonable as well.

Another brand that you can trust is Husqvarna. This brand is trusted by a lot of professional landscapers. The company is known for its superior quality forestry and landscaping equipment. It also produces some of the best tile saw and best jigsaw models today.

Husqvarna pole saws are also popular for being powerful and long. These are the qualities that you can expect from a pole saw with the Husqvarna label on it.

You can also look for pole saws from Earthwise. The brand is known for its cordless and electric pole saws. While their products aren’t as powerful as those from Black & Decker and Husqvarna, Earthwise offers cheaper tools. Their pole saws are also easy to operate.

Remington is another well-respected brand. Many gardeners think that this brand produces the best chainsaw in the world. Remington also produces good quality electric pole saws.


Given the many pole saw models in the market, you will be a bit confused on which unit to buy. To determine the best pole saw for you, consider factors like the number of trees in your yard, your budget, and the availability of a nearby outlet. Other things to weigh are the noise level, weight of the saw, and safety features.

With the use of a pole saw, think of the things you can do in your garden without having to risk life and limb. Indeed, gardening becomes more enjoyable when you have essential tools at your disposal like a pole saw that makes tree trimming quick and safe.

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