Best Welding Helmet Reviews – An In-depth Buyers’ Guide

Keeping yourself protected is a vital part of welding, as well as plasma cutting. Security measures are no joke when you’re exposed to high temperature and molten metal particles that constantly shoot off. Ever heard of Welder’s eye? The term refers to a degenerative condition of eye triggered by continuous exposure to U.V rays and […]

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  • November 16, 2016

Best MIG Welder Reviews – Our Top Picks

After testing MIG welders from several brands, we think the Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder is the best MIG welder for most people. The Forney 309 is a worthy alternative, whereas the Lincoln PowerMIG 210 is where you should be aiming at if you want to settle for the absolute best in the business.Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, […]

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  • November 15, 2016

Best Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall) – Reviews & Detailed Guide

Whether you call it a reciprocating saw, a sawzall, saber saw or recip saw, it’s an essential tool for the handyman and the DIY enthusiast. However, searching for the best reciprocating saw online can be difficult as each product will say they’re the best. No need to worry though as we’ve done the job for […]

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  • November 13, 2016

Best Scroll Saw – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best scroll saw that fits your budget and requirements? All scroll saws have the same function, and that is to make curves when you cut copper, brass, plastic and wood and other materials. However, the design varies significantly: older models are powered by pedals, while the modern ones are electric, […]

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  • November 12, 2016

Best Pole Saw – Reviews & Comprehensive Guide

Spring is the most popular season for buying a pole saw, as people finally have more time to spend in the garden. As any hobbyist knows, this time of the year is the busiest for gardeners as there are lots of things to accomplish in the garden, like pruning of trees and shrubs.Pruning is one […]

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  • November 11, 2016

Best Tile Saw – Reviews & Thorough Guide

Tile saws are tools designed for cutting man-made and natural tiles like stone, porcelain, and hard ceramic. On the surface, a tile saw may be a piece of equipment that is not as essential as say, a hammer or a drill. But if you’re the type of homeowner who likes to make small, DIY projects, […]

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  • November 10, 2016

Best Jigsaw – Reviews & Top Models to Consider

After testing several top jigsaw models from the houses of several different manufacturers, we think that the Bosch JS470E is the best jig saw for most people. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is a budget-friendly alternative worth considering.You can’t expect to finish a DIY home project without having the right set of tools. And one tool that you can’t […]

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  • November 9, 2016

Best Circular Saw – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you’re a professional carpenter who builds houses for a living or a DIY enthusiast, having the best circular saw is necessary as it can provide power and versatility. There are a lot of different types of saws, namely chainsaws, band saws, miter saws etc. Likewise, there are different types of circular saws, but they […]

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  • November 8, 2016

Best Chainsaw – Reviews & Detailed Buyers’ Guide

Those who have never used or seen a chainsaw before may only know this tool from the popular horror movie. But for many hobbyists, professionals, and even homeowners, a chainsaw is one handy piece of equipment for removing dead tree limbs, pruning, bucking, and harvesting firewood, among its other numerous uses.The chainsaw has been around […]

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  • November 7, 2016

Best Multimeter Reviews – Your Complete Guide

Multimeter is an important implement in any electrician’s or car mechanic’s toolbox. It is basically used for testing the electrical properties such as voltage (AC or DC), current and resistance of an electronic item. Apart from these, there’s a lot you can do when you’ve a good multimeter at your disposal. If you’re new to […]

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  • November 6, 2016