A Few Handy Tips for Maintaining Your Chainsaw

Though traditionally an industrial product, the chainsaw is increasingly being used as a domestic product with people realizing the advantages of using the chainsaw. The device is extremely efficient when it comes to tasks like maintaining gardens and lawns, cutting up firewood and cleaning up tree branches (which is also done using pole saws) after storms. Like any other electrical equipment, the chainsaw requires proper care and here’s how.

Tips On Effective Chainsaw Usage

1) Don’t let your chainsaw run into the dirt – The two things that damage the chainsaw blade the most are sand and dirt. More often than not, while cutting logs or tree trunks, users sink the blade into the ground after completing the cut. When cutting therefore, use a wrench to lift the trunk a few feet above the ground so that after completion of cut the blade doesn’t sink to the ground.  

2) Keep the chainsaw properly lubricated – The chainsaw has a small reservoir where it stores the chain oil which lubricates the chain when it circles the bar. It is imperative to check the chainsaw oil level before using the saw.

3) Uses proper fuel as per requirements – The chainsaw works on a mixture of petrol and two-cycle oil. Though the specifications vary from one manufacturer to another depending on the specified model, it is usually taken to be a 40:1 ratio mixture of petrol and two-cycle oil respectively. However, for safety reasons, do check out the specification on the manual before actually attempting to use such a mixture.   

Tips For Maintaining The Chainsaw

1) Chainsaw should be kept clean and cleaned regularly – The exterior casing of the saw should be brushed off and no saw dust should be allowed to accumulate. A simple hack to ensure this is to wash the blade with any powerful cleaning tool like a pressure washer. Then wipe down the saw with an oily cloth. The oily cloth ensures that all saw and dirt particles are removed. However, do take extreme caution to be safe from any injuries while rubbing down the blade.

2) Replace the chainsaw chain once a year – If your chainsaw chain is worn out, it will place an undue pressure on the engine. The worn out chain won’t perform well and would overheat easily. It would also put added pressure on the chain and the bar and engine, causing permanent damage to the engine of the saw. It is always handy to keep two chains so that they can be used alternately when one of them needs sharpening.

3) Long term storage and chainsaw – During your winter months you may want to store away your chainsaw for extended periods, I am here to tell you how to go about it. Firstly, you must completely empty the fuel tank and drain off any residual fuel. Secondly, start the chainsaw to burn up any residual fuel in the pipelines. If you allow the chainsaw fuel to be in the fuel tank unused for an extended period of time, it could jam up the fuel delivery system and you are likely to incur heavy repair charges on that account.


Chainsaws are extremely useful tools to have around the house, especially when you have a garden or a yard on your property. Chainsaws can accomplish almost all trimming related gardening chores with relative ease and a better understanding of the maintenance of such devices will help users to have a better experience using them. If the users are aware of the potential pitfalls that can ruin a chainsaw, then they would obviously be better prepared to avoid these mistakes. Following these guidelines would at once keep the tool up and running anytime you need it around the house and also greatly increase the durability of the tool.

  • January 7, 2017
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