Easy Welding Project Ideas for a Beginner

Welding can be a great way to earn some extra money while actually following your hobby. It is easy to take up and beginners and experts alike can follow up easily. There are quite a few difficulties though primary among them being the high initial expense. The materials that you’d need for welding are a bit expensive, especially if you’re in the market for a good MIG welder, TIG welder, or even a plasma cutter. This is where the second problem comes in – would you then create small products that will be easier to make but cheaper or make large, intricate products that will take time but will be more expensive. Here are some great ideas you might wanna take a look for inspiration.

Welding Projects

1) Car ramps – Given the steady upward curve of the automobile industry car ramps are always in demand. Garages and car businesses are always on the lookout for car ramps. So, if you can tap into this steady client-specific market you can earn a lot of money. Ramp prices vary according to their size and therefore you can charge accordingly. While the initial investment to make a car ramp is pretty high, with the right amount of research and customization you will easily be able to make a neat profit.

2) Tables and Stools – Furniture can be a potentially lucrative source of income provided you are willing to put in the requisite amounts of time and effort. However, it is usually better if beginners take help from experienced welders as furniture are pretty complex to make and disastrous to get wrong. As you can expect this segment caters not only to your effort but also to your imagination as you can conjure up innovative furniture designs and build them accordingly.

3) Garden fence – When it comes to welding, the best place to work is your own house. To that end, building the garden fence is handy. It can demarcate your personal space and also help with a lot of hands-on practice when it comes to welding. A garden fence requires a comparatively lower investment cost and ensures hours of fun while also getting some work done.

4) Interior decorations – A well-decorated house appeals to everyone and is precisely the reason why interior decorations is a must for any beginner welder. Household products like frames, coat racks, small portable ladders, fireplace log guards or light holders are always sought after and great for initial practice. Along with the added advantage of low production cost, decorations also can be customized and if you use your artistic faculties to come up with beautiful items then you can set up shop and let the cash trickle in.

5) Art – Modern art has grown to include usage of all types of materials to create art. Yard art for instance involves using metal scraps to create animals that can be placed around the yard. Such things are easy to make and can be sold for a decent sum of money. The best part? Art never stresses on rigidity. So, if you happen to make say anatomical mistakes or inconsistencies while building an animal form, it might end up acquiring an artistic value. With art therefore costs are low and sales return are high. What more could one want?


Welding while being an industrial process is now not restricted only to factories. The process of welding is akin to a hobby and people who wish to make or repair things use it to derive fun and pleasure. Welding projects can help you improve your knowledge and understanding of various techniques and empower you with a higher sense of aestheticism. All you need to ensure is proper protective gear, like a good welding helmet. So what are you waiting for? Start building!

  • January 7, 2017
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