How to Choose an Automatic Center Punch for Your Next Project

Drilling with the help of a center punch will make you look like a pro on the job site.

Do you find your drill sliding off the surface as you work through your project?

This is where you could give up on the conventional drilling techniques and bring an automatic center punch in your professional life.

If you are someone who comes across drilling on daily basis, you will certainly benefit from a modern and versatile automatic center punch. Don’t have experience in using one? No need to worry! We bring you a complete guide on the features you need to look for when choosing the perfect automatic center punch tool for your project.

Features to Look for in a Center Punch

A great automatic center punch enables you to make dents on a wide range of materials. These may include metals, wood, or other working surfaces. Here we mention a detailed overview of these features, and why they are important for your project.


The material your center punch is manufactured from matters a lot in durability aspects. For your automatic center punch to last, and punch accurately, it must be made of hard material. This will enable you to mark harder surfaces for long periods.

Materials such as steel and chromium-vanadium are the most commonly used materials used in the center punches. A hard material used in your center punch will also bring the crucial element of durability. Therefore, it is ideal to invest in an automatic center punch for your project that is made from a hard material.


What good a tool brings to you if you can’t adjust it according to your own needs. This refers to various adjustments. For instance, some automatic center punches come with adjustable knobs that allow you to change the spring tension.

You can adjust the spring tension and thus, the impact force depending on the type of surface you are drilling on.

If you come across surfaces with different stiffness and strength, an adjustable automatic center punch is all you need.

Bit Sharpness

Accuracy is a crucial element when dealing with center punches. An inaccurate center punch can have a significant impact on your findings and results.

For this purpose, when buying an automatic center punch, you must look for the sharpest one. A narrow and sharp bit provides higher levels of accuracy and precision with your drilling process.

The most effective tips are made from high-quality CR-V. Go for the CR-V ones and see your drilling accuracy increase.

Nevertheless, over repeated use, the bit becomes dull. It could also move from the initial point upon pressure. In such cases, you must sharpen the bit or bring in another one.

The replaceable bits give you great leniency as you can just replace the bit rather than buying a whole new automatic center punch.

Comfortable Knob

As a full-time worker, you spend a lot of time with your center punch. Therefore, you must ease your process of drilling as much as you can. When choosing the perfect automatic center punch, you must go for the ones with convenient knobs.

Go for the center punches with knurled non-slip punches that make it easier to grip. Therefore, having an easy-to-move knob allows you to make multiple marks effortlessly. This saves your wrist from fatigue on one of the busier days at work.

6 Inch Heavy Duty Automatic Centre Punch Set

If you come across heavy drilling surfaces, you need a heavy-duty center punch in your toolkit. With various features that enable you to carry out the drilling process with perfection, we bring you the 6 Inch Heavy Duty Automatic Centre Punch Set by Ally Tools and Parts.

Unlike many other automatic center punches out there, this one comes with a stronger spring that can last longer regardless of the type of surfaces you work on.

Stronger Spring

When choosing an automatic center punch for your project, check out the spring strength. Springs are the most important parts of center punches. For marking harder metallic surfaces, you must use a stronger spring. This 6-inch Heavy Duty Centre Punch comes with a strong spring that can withstand stronger and larger impacts.


If you can’t adjust your center punch according to different surfaces, your project flexibility will be compromised. With adjustable impact strength and spring tension, you can decide your striking force. The adjustability feature also provides you leverage when it comes to marking or punching since you have complete control over your tool.

Higher Comfort

Marking your drilling points is a repetitive process. This means that you must be comfortable with your center punch to avoid any hand fatigue or injuries. This 6-inch automatic center punch set for your project brings you greater comfort through an anti-slip built. Moreover, the precision-centered tip increases your control and provides greater accuracy when marking your drilling points. Therefore, if you are someone who has to mark drilling points more often, this 6-inch automatic center punch set is all you need for your project.

Key Specifications

Item weight – 9.6 ounces

You don’t want your center punch to way heavier than you like. With an optimum weight of around 9.6 ounces, this heavy-duty automatic center punch will perfectly fit into your hand without disturbing your workflow.

Dimensions – 7.5 x 2.1 x 0.6 In

This heavy-duty automatic center punch comes in the perfect size. The size of your center punch plays a crucial role in providing ease of use while you are drilling.

Material – CR-V Tips, Steel

An automatic center punch made from a hard material such as steel not just provides better impacts, but also lasts longer. Moreover, the steel and CR-V built also make this heavy-duty center punch ideal for metallic surfaces. Therefore, if you are a regular driller of harder surfaces, this is the perfect solution to your marking problems!


  • ·       Perfect for a wide range of surfaces including wood and plastic
  • ·       Chrome-plated body

Automatic Centre Punch Set 6in and 5in

Marking your drilling points perfectly at the center of your surface is a basic task. However, if you miss your mark and your drill keeps slipping off the central point of drilling, you need the Automatic Centre Punch Set that comes in 5in and 6in.

With the Automatic Centre Punch Set, you have all the control over your drilling activities. It allows you to have better efficiency in making dents and imprints on your welding surfaces. Following are the key features that come with the Automatic Centre Punch Set 5in and 6in.

Adjustable Impact Force

Do you come across different types of surfaces on the field? Are you someone who works on harder metallic surfaces as well as some softer ones? If that is who you are, this automatic center punch perfectly suites you. With adjustable spring force and tension, you put your money in a more personalized center punch. Therefore, from heavy to light strokes, you can now use your center punch for marking, punching, and staking across all types of surfaces.


Your center punch is the most used equipment in the drilling activities. For every surface, you choose a new drilling point. Therefore, a low-quality center punch may wear out due to repeated use against harder metallic materials. However, with the Automatic Centre Punch 6in and 5in set, you become free from all such worries. Made from a high-end chrome-plated shank body, it has the ability to absorb larger impact forces. Moreover, this also makes it resistive to rusting and corrosion. The high-quality CR-V steel tip does a great job against the harder surfaces. Hence, if you are a regular driller who deals with harder surfaces, this automatic center punch 6in and 5in set is perfect for you as it checks all boxes.


As a professional who comes across drilling every day, it is necessary to have a set of center punches that are comfortable to use. Not only will they provide you with ease of use, but also prevent any fatigue due to repeated usage. This automatic center punch 6in and 5in set comes with a non-slip surface and precision centered bit. Therefore, allowing you better accuracy with your markings without much effort. Moreover, the 5-inch automatic center punch comes packed with a blue end knob that provides additional comfort as you press down on your marking point to make dents. It is also most suited for everyday use on softer surfaces. On the other hand, the 6-inch center punch is ideal for making heavier dents and marks that require stronger spring force.

Key Specifications

Weight – 7.2 ounces

If the weight of your center punch is greater than what you prefer, you might end up with a fatigued hand or an inaccurate project outcome. With 7.2 ounces, this automatic center punch comes in the perfect weight.

Dimensions – 6 x 2.9 x 1 inches

This automatic Centre Punch Set 6in and 5in has the perfect dimensions that are compatible with your hand size. A center punch that does not perfectly fit into your hand can affect your everyday work or project. Therefore, with 6 x 2.9 x 1 inches of dimensions, this center punch is easy to hold and very effective.

Material – CR-V Tips, Steel.

Built with durable steel and high-quality CR-V, this automatic center punch set is made to last. Therefore, put your money in the right place when buying a center punch that suits your needs.

How to Use An Automatic Centre Punch

You have successfully bought the perfect center punch that has everything you need, but how do you use it?

  1. Determine the point at which you shall carry out the drilling process.
  2. Align the steel tip of the automatic center punch in a way that it points towards the surface material.
  3. Press the knob downwards onto the surface to make an indent.
  4. Place the drill bit tip on the marked indent.
  5. Lastly, start drilling.

The spring tension can be adjusted by turning the top caps. Due to the high-tension spring mechanism, the center punch marks the surface without the use of a hammer.


  • High-tension spring.
  • Double spring-loaded barrel design
  • CR-V plated manufacturing
  • Chrome vanadium steel tip


Do these center punches work on wooden surfaces?

Yes! The CR-V made tip allows the center punches to work across various types of surfaces including wood, steel, etc.

What is the average life of an automatic center punch?

The life of a center punch depends on the type of use. Against harder materials, the average life of your center punch could be less compared to the ones used on softer surfaces or wood.

Are the center punches big and bulky?

No! The center punches are the ideal weight with optimum dimensions. Ranging from 7 – 9 ounces of average weight, these will never bother you while drilling.


It is high time to give up on the conventional hammer that compromises on the accuracy, as well as the finishing of your drilling. Bringing an automatic center punch to your toolkit will not only give you better efficiencies but also provide you with extra neatness in your projects. Look for comfort, durability, and adjustability in your hunt for an automatic center punch. With these qualities in your center punch, you can change the way you have been drilling up till now.

  • February 27, 2021
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