Tips on Log Splitting With an Electric Log Splitter

The log splitter is as the name suggests a device used to cut down large tree trunks or logs into smaller sizes. Essential a hydraulic machine, the motor of the log splitter can be powered by either electricity or gas depending on the model that the user may be using. The log splitter was designed to make an easy job of the task of splitting wood for a fire. As when compared to an axe, the log splitter is far more efficient and saves a lot of time and energy than you can possibly imagine. However, like all good things gone bad, the log splitter if used incorrectly can be extremely dangerous for the user to the point of being potentially fatal. One must therefore, exercise extreme care when using such an instrument.  

Tips on Log Splitting

To efficiently use your log splitter to cut down logs is like everything else, a scientific process. And if done correctly would help you get the job done efficiently and with minimal effort.

  • The first step would, of course be to acquire tree trunk or large logs that can be cut down.
  • After having acquired the logs, it is extremely important to measure and mark on the log the exact places you would want to make cuts. While chalk marks may easily fade or wash away, I would recommend you to use firewood marker to mark the logs.
  • If you cut logs after having placed them on the ground, chances are that with each cut you run your blade into the ground at the end. This in the long run would make the blade dull after a short while. To prevent this use a log jack to raise the log above the ground. The blade thus won’t touch the ground and will stay sharper longer.
  • The greener the log, the harder it is to cut. So, before cutting up the log ensure that the logs have been seasoned for a while. Seasoned logs have low moisture content and are easier to cut than green logs.Not only that, seasoned logs are lighter to carry, easier to burn and produce less smoke.

Safety Tips

An electric log splitter is an extremely dangerous instrument if carelessly used and to such extent, the user may even receive fatal life threatening wound if he/she is not careful. Here are some safety tips while you can follow while using an electric log splitter:

  • Protective gear – It is essential that you protect delicate portions of your bodies like your eyes and head while using the instrument. The high speed of the blades would mean that saw dust would be produced. Therefore it is imperative to wear goggles. Also take special care of the type of footwear you wear. Do not wear open-toed shoes, sandals or slippers; wear heavy work boots instead.
  • Pay attention – Ever seen the Final destination movies? If you have then you would know that when it comes to log splitters, it is essential to devote all your focus and attention to your work Failure to do so could cause serious injury.
  • Recheck nuts and bolts periodically – The nuts and bolts are what keep that blade in place and running. Undertake periodical technical checks to ensure that the fittings are tight and in place.
  • Pride hath a fall – While all of us have deadlines to maintain when it comes to work, don’t try to out do yourself. In a bid to finish fast, don’t compromise on your safety. Keep your posture steady and stay balanced on both feet always. Don’t step on the log splitter or lean against it.


Much like any other sharp instrument, the electric log splitter is not without its share of dangers. However if used properly, the device can reduce the effort you put in to cut logs to a minuscule fraction. Just ensure that you follow the steps I have suggested and keep the device away from children. Safety if taken care of, all else shall follow.  

  • December 23, 2016
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